Supporting Your Tween With the Transition to Middle School

It’s that time of year already – Fifth Graders are finishing up their last few weeks of elementary school. Summer is coming and then after…Middle School! Helping tweens with this transition can be daunting for parents. Perhaps, as the parent of an up and coming middle schooler,  you can relate to these challenges: Middle School…

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Homesick Tween or Teen: 8 Ways Parents Can Help

It’s that time of year already, time to make summer plans. Maybe you find yourself sitting with your hand hovering over the ‘submit’ button on the Sleepaway camp registration form–do you do it? Will your child just survive the two weeks (and then add it to a list of things they will NEVER do again)…

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Teens and the Holidays: Keeping It Special

As the parent of two teens, I’m finding it challenging to make the holidays special. I realized this when we were packed into the car a few weeks ago, ready to go to an annual holiday Christmas Lights event. “We don’t want to go look at the lights, mom!” came a desperate appeal from my…

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