Della Pope, LCSW

Therapy for tweens and teens in-person in Asheville, NC and online across North Carolina, Colorado, and Missouri.

Hi, I'm Della Pope. I'm a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Adolescent Therapist who works with parents of tweens and teens as they struggle to navigate big life challenges and transitions. My goal is to be there for your child and help you be there for them too, even when things feel hopeless. I help tween and teen clients open up, talk about what's bothering them, say what they need, and build a toolbox of life-long positive coping strategies.


My Journey To Becoming A Therapist

I'm no different from the parents I work with. I have seen my own kids struggle, go through hard things, and come out stronger. My journey as a parent is not your journey but even so, being a mom has shaped who I am and how I help. There are times when what I pictured for myself and my kids doesn’t match what is actually happening. It is easy to feel isolated, like only my family struggles. But what I’ve discovered is that every family has blow ups, melt downs, moments where communication breaks down. I get it. I’ve been there. You won't find me telling you what to do but instead listening deeply, reflecting what I hear, and helping you create a healthy and happy family.

I was a public school teacher for years and loved parts of it–especially when I was able to connect with students and parents. I loved seeing my students grow emotionally and intellectually, develop new skills, and learn how smart and capable they were. But not all of them did. Some were visibly struggling with sadness, feeling isolated, small, or left out. Some were angry, lashing out, stuck in self loathing. As their teacher, it was my job to ask for their homework, give them a grade on a test, tell them to sit down or line up, knowing that what they needed most was true connection--to be listened to, validated, and provided with a different set of tools to cope with stress. When I stopped teaching and entered a graduate program for social work, it was like finding a lost piece of myself. Finally, I was able to truly help the young people and families I interacted with.

Mom. Teacher. Fellow human.

My life experiences have led me to become the therapist I am today.

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Being a therapist is rewarding

Helping Young People and Their Parents Is What I Look Forward To Every Day

Being a therapist is rewarding. I love helping adolescents learn to communicate, thrive, grow in confidence, and find their own solutions. I especially love witnessing the transformation that occurs when parents and teens feel heard and understood and see that there is hope, even when facing really difficult things.

I am committed to helping your tween or teen open up, talk about what's bothering them, and develop coping strategies that will help them throughout their lives.

I Have Empathy For Others And Bring An Open,
Non-judgemental Presence To Sessions

I have a natural ability to

Help tweens and teens identify what they are feeling.

Help tweens and teens feel comfortable.

Uncover what's under the surface.

Explain mental health symptoms in an easy to understand way.

People who know me often say that I am a good listener who can help people feel comfortable opening up, express themselves, and trust that therapy can help. I help tweens and teens know that coming to therapy does not have to mean that they are ‘broken’ or needing to be ‘fixed.’ Instead, it is another step on the life-long path of personal self care.

Sessions Are Focused On
You and Your Child

Sessions will provide you with the space to be vulnerable, open, and able to really describe the concerns you have for your child. In feeling safe and comfortable, you'll be able to describe the things that keep you up at night.

It's important to me to provide a non-judgemental space where your tween or teen can be themselves and open up. There isn't a "one size fits all" approach to therapy. Our sessions will fit your child’s specific needs and concerns. Getting a tween or teen to open up is not just about asking them questions and expecting them to talk. Instead, it’s about meeting them where they are and using games, art activities, mindfulness exercises, and other hands-on creative approaches to help them get the most from their sessions.

As A Therapist, I Embrace The Following Philosophies

I believe that you and your child deserve to feel better

I believe that there is no shame in asking for help

I believe that we can stop feeling lost, alone, worried, and sad when we share our story with someone who can hear it with empathy and understanding

I believe that moments of crisis, especially during adolescence, are opportunities to develop skills for life-long positive mental health


Professional stuff

My Professional Background

I earned a Masters in Social Work from the University of Denver. I am certified in several treatment modalities including EMDR, Adolescent DBT, CBT, and family systems work.

My recent training has been focused on teen mental health including specialized training in adolescent anxiety treatment, LGBTQ+ teens, and Brained Based Co-regulation strategies for parents.

My approach is always rooted in the celebration of LGBTQIA+, neurodiversity, and Health at Every Size/body acceptance. I am a cis white woman. I am committed to cultural responsiveness, anti-racism, and harm reduction.

Let’s Discover How I Can Help

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